Panasonic KX-TG1033S Dect 6.0 Plus Review

Published: 16th July 2009
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1. Longer Range, Perfect Clarity, and Greater Security
This phone provides you with greater freedom to wander through your home with its expanded range, as well as perfectly clear sounds owing to DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Communications) 6.0 technology. The Panasonic KX-TG1033S DECT 6.0 features a frequency range of 1.9GHz, so that the phone will not interfere with other wireless devices like microwave ovens, routers, wireless phones, and other types of wireless gadgets.

2. 1 Phone Jack, 6 Handsets
You also have the convenience of locating the handsets any place in your home. You can plug into just one phone jack, yet have receivers in any room of the house, while eliminating the fuss and inconvenience of wires.

3. Completely Digital Answering System
The Panasonic KX-TG1033S DECT 6.0 also features a great digital answering system that provides clear messages with simple, user friendly retrieval. The system can hold up to 16 minutes of messages. And, if you accidentally lose a message, you can retrieve it with the flash memory format storage feature.

4. Hands free talking!
One great feature that will definitely come in handy is the handset speaker phone. This is great for those times when you get stuck on hold for what seems like days when you're waiting to talk to an actual person in a customer service department. You might even just enjoy a chat with your friend while dishing gossip, or maybe your son wants to sing a song to grandma. Whatever the case, you can do it all hands free and go about your business without interrupting your phone conversation.

5. Caller ID Version 2.0
We all love the Caller ID. We can see who is calling before we even answer our phone. What about when you are on the phone already and someone else calls you? You heard a beep and you had no clue who it was. Caller ID + Call Waiting = everlasting love. You can be on the phone and you now know who is calling you! No more annoying "beep beep" sounds like you are the Roadrunner.

*Phone reception is crystal clear with minimum interference
*A shared phone book for all six handsets
*Great intercom and call transfer system
*Perfect backlit display
*Contains several features
*Each handset features a speakerphone
*Handset designs are chic

*Speakerphone is low with no volume control
*Ringtones can't be changed on intercom system
*The all-digital answering system is mandatory to pay for, regardless if you use need it or not.

Panasonic KX-TG1033S DECT 6.0 Key Features
*Talk time of 17 hours
*Easy to use handset
*Less interference with the DECT 6.0 Technology
*LCDE and Spanish voice prompts
*6`handsets included
*3-Way conference ability
*WiFi Friendly
*Phonebook Sharing
*Handset alarm clock
*Call Waiting with Caller ID
*Phonebook and 50 station dialer
*All-digital answering system with 16 minutes of recording time
*Handset jack
*Belt Clip included
*Handset can be mounted on a wall from its base unit
*Message and ringer alert

Panasonic KX-TG1033S Dect 6.0 is great technology that allows you to control every aspect of your calling experience. This technology is extraordinary and it will continue to improve in the future. Panasonic has done a great job with this phone.

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